Saturday 17 November 2018
Defining your Brand by Keira Montclair

Defining your Brand by Keira Montclair

Workshop for SWFRW

Confused about what your brand is? Not sure why it really matters?

Join the crowd! It’s one of the most difficult concepts to nail down after you start publishing.

Keira Montclair can help you figure out exactly what your brand is by guiding you through the following:

  1. Defining exactly what brand means for a writer
  2. Taking a look at how readers see you
  3. Deciding how you want to grow your brand and in what direction
  4. Helping you come up with an easy way to describe your brand

At the end of the workshop, published authors can expect to walk out with a brand-new tagline to place at the top of their website.

Keira Montclair is the bestselling author of twenty-nine novels and can’t seem to stop writing. She writes historical, contemporary, paranormal, and time-travel romance, and has sold over 300,000 copies of her novels. Her background as a Registered Nurse and a high school math teacher seeps into her novels, as healers and children appear as characters in many of her stories. She has four series, three historical and one contemporary, and also took part in a unique collaboration with two other authors intertwining the stories of three sisters after they fell back in time to medieval Scotland and England.

She lives in Southwest Florida with her husband, and has two beautiful granddaughters to fuss over, the two-year-old twincesses, and a grandson on the way.

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