Saturday 28 April 2018
The Care and Feeding of a One-of-a-Kind Writing Career

Authors are bombarded daily with advice about how to conduct their careers properly. How fast to write, how often to publish, how to promote themselves and their publications. Unfortunately, advice that may be appropriate for a twenty-year veteran author may not be so helpful for a newbie. Are reviews important? Do you need a newsletter? Do you have to follow the trends?

Penny Watson knows that two key ingredients come into play when devising a successful author plan: personal goals and where you are on your writing journey. This hands-on workshop will allow Penny and the attendees to strategize unique author plans for each individual.


PENNY WATSON is a dachshund-lover, botanist, and award-winning author of quirky fiction. Titles include THE KLAUS BROTHERS SERIES, LUMBERJACK IN LOVE, APPLES SHOULD BE RED (finalist for the CoRWA Award of Excellence), and A TASTE OF HEAVEN (winner of 2016 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award).

She has presented writing workshops all over New England, and in 2013 she co-hosted the Indie Author Symposium, a two-day conference for self-published authors.

Penny has an A.B. from Vassar College and an M.S. from Cornell University.

She lives with her Filipino-American family outside of Boston.

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