Joyce Henderson Contest Past Winners

Southwest Florida Romance Writers

The Joyce Henderson Contest

Many thanks to all who have made our contest a success over the years.
Our members, final judges, and most of all our entrants – we could not do it without you!

* The final editor judge requested the full manuscript
+ The final editor judge requested other manuscripts from this author


Contemporary – Dawn Dowdle, Blue Ridge Literary Agency
1) The Portrait by Diana Welker**
2) Between Nowhere and Lost by Alexandra Christle
3) A Work In Progress by Jennifer Barlament

Historical – Isabel Farhi, Editor at Penguin-Random House
1) My Lord Mercenary by Tracey Amey
2) The Apothecary’s Niece by Linda Saether
2) A Wild Colonial Girl by Jean Harrington

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy – Susan Brower, Agent for Natasha Kern Literary Agency
1) Legend: Brotherhood of Shadows by Teresa Ramin
2) Work Log by Jennifer Collins
3) The Mercy Killers by Jessica Kelly

Romantic Suspense – Junessa Viloria, Editor for Random House Publishing
1) Semper Fi by Meta Carroll
2) Lucky Beach by JoAnn Haberer
3) Sconnie by Michelle Caffrey

Young Adult – Lee Lawless, Editor for Tor/Forge Publishing
1) Soren’s Resistance by Christine Gunderson*
2) Conflicted by Lori Freeland
3) The Snake and the Darkness by Mari Clark


Contemporary – Sue Grimshaw, Penguin-Random House
1) Left of the Left Bank, Victoria DeGette
2) Belong to Me, Alison Pion
3) Branded, Robin Delany

Historical – Laura Fazio, Penguin-Random House
1) Lessons in Scandal, Crystal Elliot
2) How to Train Your Knight, Susan Hammond
3) A Duchess Is Always Right, Bess Gilmartin

Paranormal – Mary Altman, Sourcebooks
1) The Nascent Bloom, Janet Halpin
2) Wicked Thorn, Kristina Wright
3) Watcher Untethered, Jennifer Madore


Contemporary – Sue Grimshaw, Random House
1) Unforgettable, Carrie Christie+
2) Roping the Cowboy, Bree Roberts
3) Rules for Burning, Chloe Carson

Historical – Alicia Condon, Kensington
1)Beauford’s Run, Pat Eckoff
2) To Feel Special, Sandra Cutting
3) The Saffron Crocus, Alison McMahan

Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy – Leslie Wainger, Harlequin
1) Blood, Pain and Pleasure, Nadine Mutas*
2) The Hidden One, Adrienne Trent*
3) Queen of Hearts, Harris Fischer

Young Adult – Annette Pollert, Simon & Schuster
1) The Harbinger, Meg Kassel*
2) Coming Alive, Jennifer Norwood
3)SlipSync, Eileen Shick

2012 Hold Me, Thrill Me Contest
(Contest name changed in 2013)

Contemporary – JhanteighKupihea, New American Library
1) Return to Love, Kerri Carpenter*
2) Synchrony’s Call, Susan J. Bickford*
3) Short Fortune, Annie Rains

Historical – Leah Hultenschmidt, Sourcebooks
1) The Promise of Dawn, Lisa Baker
2) Love and Madness, Margaret A. Swan
3) Sea Charm, Laura Connors

Paranormal – Whitney Ross, Tor
1) Empress Game, Rhonda Mason*
2) Probie, Regan Loyd
3) Divide and Conquer, Pam Palmer w/a Carmen Fox

Romantic Suspense – Leslie Wainger, Harlequin
1) The Duel, Catherine Lawrence
2) Chemical Attraction, Mary Oldham
3) Once in a Lifetime, Karen E. Papandrew

Young Adult – Leis Pederson, Berkley
1) Nightmare of Truth, Tracy Sprayberry
2) Forces of Nature, Denise R. Cychosz
3) Adventures in English Quantum, Charlotte E. Hunter