Contest FAQ’s

High Five Contest FAQ’s:

My hero doesn’t appear in the first 5 pages of my manuscript. Does this hurt my chances in the contest?

No! The High Five score sheet is designed to evaluate the character presented. We are looking for compelling beginnings, whether or not the romance is introduced.

My category isn’t listed! What should I do?

Choose the closest option, the one you feel you have written for. If you are still in doubt, contact the contest coordinator at High5.contest.swfrw@gmail.com.

Page 5 of my manuscript ends in the middle of a sentence. Can I add a few lines from page 6?

Sorry, but no. Our contest is named High Five for a reason. We want to help you make your entry’s beginning as strong and pithy as possible. Try to stop at a scene ending, a point of tension, or a hook. Stopping mid-sentence will not be a deduction.

Can I enter more than one manuscript?

Yes, you may submit as many entries as you like, but each entry may be entered in only one category.

Can I enter the same manuscript in two different categories?

No, please pick the most applicable category for your manuscript.

What if there aren’t enough entries in my category?

If we fail to receive five (5) entries in a category, we will contact all entrants in that category to ask if they wish to place their entries in another category. If not, we will return their fees.

Other questions we haven’t thought of?

Send an email to High5.contest.swfrw@gmail.com.